9 Free and Paid SEMrush Alternatives You Should Definitely Consider

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If you’re looking for SEMrush Alternatives, then we’ve shortlisted 9 tools to help you grow your organic search traffic

In addition to assisting users in doing thorough marketing and SERP analytics, the program also does competitor research and offers bloggers keyword recommendations. The platform also includes a powerful rank tracker.

Shortly put, SEMrush is one of the most popular intelligence-gathering tools for marketers today, and it can provide a wealth of information ranging from online traffic statistics to keyword analyses and website audits.

cheap site audit tools like semrush

Since its inception in 2008, it has grown to become one of the most widely used SEO analytics tools on the market today.

Even said that there are several reasons why you might want to investigate SEMrush alternatives that are worthy of serious attention.

In the case of beginners in the SEO sector who are not yet ready to invest a large quantity of money in a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, it may be preferable to look at SEMrush alternatives instead.

If you want to utilize a free SEO analytics tool rather than a premium one, you may do so in several circumstances.

In this post, we’ve created a list of some of the top paid and free options for you to take into account. Let’s go right to the point and look at the most important features of each of these applications.


SEMrush Alternatives Pricing Comparison

1. Ahrefs

semrush free version

If an SEO tool actually performs everything in the field of marketing analytics and intelligence collection and analytics, it must be Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is widely used in the business and helps you learn more about your competitors and understand what makes them rank well.

The result: You can override them with a certain amount of work and the appropriate data, of course.

Best 9 Semrush alternatives 2021 – Features

Data search

Ahrefs provides you in their keyword explorer the search term ideas your competitors employ to classify well on engines.

The related traffic may also be seen with these keywords. You may even use Ahrefs to view the keywords your rivals use, which are lacking in their own content.

Rich Repository

Today Ahrefs has one of the largest datasets when it comes to SEO statistics. Every day, the firm analyzes about 5 billion web pages. The program has over 16 trillion links to date and has a total storage of 48 petabytes.

Explorer Content

The software-integrated Content Explorer tool lets you view the organic traffic, traffic, and domain ratings for major websites. You may also track backlinks and check if the number of backlinks of a specific page has increased or decreased over time.

Audit site

The Site Audit tool will scroll over your whole website to generate a thorough SEO health report. You may uncover key SEO problems and get ideas to help you fix them swiftly.

Site audit was meant to investigate numerous difficulties, e.g. input and outgoing link problems, HTML tags, and problems with performance such as slow-load pages.


The Lite plan is priced at $99 a month while the company’s most popular Standard plan is $179 a month.

There is also an advanced plan, which costs $399 a month to support up to 3 people as opposed to user support.

Finally, if you want the greatest frequency of updates, select the Agency plan that costs $999 a month and is updated every 3 days.

2. Ubersuggest

seo alternative to semrush

The Ubersuggest UI, with its simple graphics and straightforward navigating, is simple to use and works on the same principles as other keyword research tools.

Simply type in your term or phrase in the search field, select the language in which the keywords are of interest to you, then click “Submit Request” to make your request.

Ubersuggest will then insert this term in a Google search (using the API) and provide the results that are connected with that keyword.

Using Ubersuggest, you may get a list of keywords that are connected with the one you previously specified. These terms were derived from Google Suggest and Google Adwords, respectively.

The CPCs for many of the results are displayed with their monthly search volumes, as well as their competitiveness levels (the difficulty of ranking yourself on this term in Google) as indicated by their PD (Paid Difficulty) and SD (Secondary Difficulty) (SEO Difficulty).

Searches conducted by Google users for similar terms produced results that were directly linked to your query and included suggestions for further searches.

In addition, you have the option of categorizing results based on the number of searches, the cost per click, or even the pace of competition.

As a benefit, the Ubersuggest interface gives you the option to filter these results by specifying negative terms.

These keywords will be eliminated from the search, making it more relevant and the results more relevant to your requirements.

You also have the option of restricting the search volume, the PD, the SD, and the CPC by specifying a minimum and maximum value, as well as limiting the search to just Google Adwords or Google Suggest results.

Ubersuggest’s advantages include the fact that it is completely free to use.

  • There is no requirement to establish an account.
  • Discover a plethora of long-tail keyword ideas
  • Determine your success rate.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Ubersuggest’s disadvantages
  • The keyword data is NOT as accurate as it should be (as compared to other paid SEMrush alternatives )
  • In comparison to other paid SEO tools such as SEMrush, there are fewer keyword recommendations.


semrush alternatives

As a content creator, SEO, or site editor, it is critical to use technologies that aid in SEO optimization. KWFinder is one of these.

Due to its minimal usage, this tool is not well recognized. Nonetheless, it is an SEO technique that demands greater attention.

This is due to the numerous advantages it possesses. This is our assessment of this tool!

A highly precise device

What’s interesting about KWFinder is that it outperforms Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. You’ve probably noticed that the latter no longer displays the actual amount of monthly online searches.

Indeed, it has lost its precision, creating a gray area when it comes to optimizing its SEO.

The reason why KWFinder is the perfect choice for keyword analysis is that it provides accurate data on the number of terms searched over a certain time period.

You will be able to: Since 2014, the year this program was built, you will be able to:

Specify the precise amount of monthly searches conducted for a certain keyword.

  • Determine the several synonyms for this keyword.
  • Recognize the adversity of occupying a niche
  • Comparing measurements to the first ten results obtained
  • Have it all in your preferred language or nation.

This also implies that with a single search, you may learn about a keyword’s annual trends, the number of monthly searches, and the level of competition in the paid results.

Additionally, KWFinder will allow for the inclusion of similar keywords that have been searched by many people.

Choosing your SEO tools wisely also demands that you have an understanding of their costs. With this in mind, it would be prudent to use inexpensive SEO tools.

As with all of Mangools’ goods, KWFinder is available at a discounted price. However, you must subscribe to the Mango website to view it. You will then assess which choice is most advantageous to you.

4. Google Keyword Planner

check sem rush traffic for free

In this, before use Keyword Planner, you must be active on your Google account. However, after you have done this, you may use keyword research.

You may see hundreds of keyword suggestions from the Keyword Planner with essential information such as average search volumes, PPC bids, etc.

keyword Planner tools – Best 9 Semrush 2021 alternative (Free & Paid)

The Keyword Planner offers an adjustable filter tool and has more capabilities than the Ubersuggest. More keywords with particular text or organic print sharing can be found.

Best 10 Semrush alternatives 2021 – Keyword Planner Pros

  • Semrush is Free to use 
  • Available keyword suggestions for content topic generation

SEMrush includes a collection of domain analytical instruments and provides all the data needed to execute a successful SEO or digital marketing strategy from organic search to the backlinks of your website.

Highlights Keyword Analysis

The Free Keyword Planner tool assists you in choosing the most effective keywords to target. You might then use them to increase the visibility of your advertisements.

Analyses Historical

You may use the tool to see which keywords were most often searched and how these keyword rankings have changed over time. Additionally, the tool will provide the estimated budget for each term.

Semrush Free Alternative Pricing

Google gives its Keyword Planner to all users for free. It’s an excellent method to get started with SERP research without buying in pricey software with premium capabilities that you may not be ready to utilize yet.

5. Moz

moz alternatives free

Moz alternative free tool is recognized as an expert in the field of SEO analytics and is the tool of choice for a large number of SEO analysts.

The program has a variety of functions that will be extremely beneficial for keyword research, content optimization, analytics, reporting, and link building and analysis.

Best 10 Semrush alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid) Features

Conduct Keyword Research

Moz’s UI allows you to enter a URL and immediately view the best keywords for the same that you may target.

The program has 500 million recommendations and is capable of displaying search volumes for specific terms with a high degree of accuracy, near 95%.

Additionally, you may use this tool to identify long-tail keywords that are important to your business. Additionally, the program displays the keyword difficulty score for each keyword.

Audit of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Audit allows you to analyze and resolve issues, both common and complicated, to constantly increase your web presence.

Conducting an in-depth website audit is an excellent approach to regain control of your SEO strategy by identifying areas for improvement.

Moz may be configured to scan your website regularly and notify you of any new concerns that occur.

Analyses by Domain

Moz’s show the  Page Authority (PA),  statistic for web sites is displayed. Additionally, you may view the Domain Authority and other data.

With over 35.5 trillion indexed links and counting, Moz allows you to measure the metrics that matter.

Explorer of Links

Moz Pro features the Link Explorer tool, which displays inbound connections that can significantly impact your site’s rating.

Additionally, you may find competitor backlinks and broken connections on your own site. However, not all backlinks are beneficial, and Moz assists you in identifying spammy backlinks that actually hurt your rating.

Best 10 SEMrush Alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid) -Pricing

Moz offers a free 30-day trial as well as a free account with access to all of their free tools.

The $99 per month Standard package is suitable for small organizations that want only the most basic metrics and functionality.

The Medium package costs $179 per month and includes full access to all keyword research tools.

Additionally, there are Large and Premium options available for corporations and organizations with a larger budget.

6. SEO PowerSuite

similar semrush

SEO PowerSuite is a set of tools that may be used for any type of Seo campaign.

It provides you everything that is important for the SEO business, including an SEO analysis tool, keyword research tools, backlink checkers, content editors, PPC ad optimization, and much more. It also includes a free trial period.

To be honest, there isn’t a single SEO tool accessible anywhere else that isn’t already included in SEO PowerSuite.

With an easy-to-use interface and a multitude of pro-level features, it’s an excellent SEO tool for both beginners and seasoned SEO professionals.

Detailed Features SEO PowerSuite

When you use SEO PowerSuite, you will receive detailed SEO reports that include stunning charts and visuals that are simple on the eyes.

The application produces excellent backlink reports that may be adapted to your own branding. PDFs or HTML reports may be created, and printed, emailed, or uploaded online effortlessly.

On-page SEO Tools

The software offers powerful features such as web audits and content improvement tools for improving SEO on-page.

The broken links and mistakes in HTML code can be discovered. The program also monitors problems with indexing and crawl of the search engine.

Analysis of links

SEO PowerSuite will generate your website with complete backlink data. Actually, the firm boasts the biggest backlink index worldwide.

The program analyses more than 50 backlink criteria to guarantee that fresh backlink development possibilities are taken advantage of and ranked as appropriate.

Rank of Monitor

The software scans across over 329 search engines and supports as many keywords as you want to monitor without limiting the quantity as some other SEO instruments do. Vertical ranks for videos and pictures may also be checked.

SEO PowerSuite can provide you specific ranges and automated ranking tracking can also be planned.

Best 9 SEMrush Alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid) -Pricing

SEO Power Suite offers a free version that does not save your work history and supports all functionality. The Professional Plan has an annual fee of $299.

It is excellent for people who need to analyze SEO data without having to export and share it with customers.

You also need to utilize the Enterprise Plan which costs $699 a year if you want to do the latter. SEO PowerSuite is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective SEO analytics tools.

7. Serpstat

free alternative to semrush

This software is designed for people that have to operate their SEO strategy from one HQ. You may compare this with SEMrush’s pricing. It offers more support for the keywords and crawled pages searched.

It offers easy extensions for opera, firefox, and chrome. After installation, you can do all the SEO information. The insights on page speed, CPC statistics, keyword research will be supplied.

Serpstat features You may locate high-performance ad and pages keywords.

Search recommendations and international SEO statistics are analyzed. You will also receive trends and variations in keywords at no extra cost.

Domain visibility may be shown via SERP analytics. It also gives relative placement and the finest content or sites to perform.

You will be given with the rivals’ AdWords. You will also discover their budgets and desired keywords.

It provides you proposals for the development of content. And associated keyword databases.

Pricing of Semrush  Alternative of Serpstat

  • | Lite Plan | $69/month |
  • | Default schedule | $149/month |
  • | Advanced plan | $299/month
  • | Enterprise plan | $499/month | 


free like spyfu

Following that, we have SpyFu, which is an alternative to Semrush.

All you looking for similar tools to Semrush, SpyFu is a fantastic option, as it is widely regarded as one of the most effective SEO Alternative tools available for keyword research and competitor analysis, among other things.

SpyFu SEO tool allows you to perform various ranges from keyword research to PPC analysis to influencer marketing, making it one of the most cost-effective Semrush replacements available.

For what reasons should you think about using this SEO tool?

Here are the three most important characteristics that identify SpyFu as one of the greatest alternatives to the Semrush tool.

1. Use SpyFu to conduct keyword research at an expert level.

  • It is simple to do expert-level research with SpyFu in order to identify profitable keyword ideas that can enhance your search engine traffic as well as your website’s sales.
  • The discovery of new profitable keywords is the key to increasing the number of sales generated by any given website.
  • With the help of SpyFu’s keyword tools, you can quickly identify long-tail keywords based on their keyword volume and keyword difficulty levels.

Best 9 Semrush Alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid) -Pricing Plans 

There are three different plans to choose from using SpyFu. The Basic plan, which costs $39 a month, provides limitless searches but only allows for a limited number of sales leads.

The Professional plan, which costs $78 a month and includes more features, is more expensive.

The Team plan, which is the most expensive of the three options, costs $299 a month and includes the largest number of features.

9. Majestic

seo alternative to semrush

As a backlink checker and keyword analysis tool is one of the greatest SEMrush free alternatives tools of the Majestic claims to be the best.

The software will aggregate link intelligence data and present you with vital bits of information that will prove invaluable in the development of an SEO campaign.


Site Explorer is a tool that allows you to explore a website.

The Site gives us information on external backlinks and referring domains for a website. You can also view the languages used for the pages, as well as the languages used for the anchor texts.

The software even displays the backlink history so that you may make historical comparisons.

Checking Backlinks in Bulk

You can use the tool to check the backlink data for as many as 400 links, with the possibility of uploading a file containing data for up to a million links.

The application provides access to a vast database of referring domains, which is updated on a regular basis.

Best 9 SEMrush Alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid) -Pricing Plan

Majestic offers a Lite plan for $49.99 per month, which supports a limited amount of features but is otherwise identical to the Premium plan.

More capabilities, such as email alerts and a keyword checker, are available with the Pro plan ($99.99 per month), which is available to all users.








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